Sunday, November 3, 2013

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Monday, July 22, 2013

Will WWE Plug Their Leaks Before Summer Slam

We now know that there is at least one WWE leak out there, he is known as Dolphins1925 on, and he has been leaking the results of every PPV match since Febuary when he posted the results of WWE's PPV Elimination Chamber, and now he has been posting the results to every PPV since then, his latest post tells you the winner of all Money in The Bank matches and he has been right every time. Dolphins1925 has posted the follow post 3 Months ago

 I am grateful for all the upvotes and comments. I love the WWE, but this business DESPERATELY needs to know it is not invincible. I truly am posting the results beforehand to ensure they take further precautions to protect the integrity of their product. For those who are wondering, I have no clue why one match was not completed. Also, I am NOT employed by WWE. However, I know all the results of every PPV match from a source who I suspect is surely involved in the organization. I PROMISE everyone reading this that i will post the results for the Exteme Rules ppv APPROXIMATELY 25 minutes before the event begins. 100% accuracy, as always. Anyway, I am done on reddit until the day of Extreme Rules, as I do not feel like engaging in conversation regarding whether or not I'm legit. I will let the results do my talking, as that is all that matters. I appreciate all the upvotes and support. Vince and all of WWE need to know that changes must happen to ensure the integrity of their great product.  

We at Dred TV have tried to contact Dolphins1925but our messages have gone unanswered. I am however wondering what the executives of WWE our going to do when they find the leak. To Dolphins1925we would like to hear from you.