Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Dred TV Relaunch Coming in 2015

We will be relaunching Dred TV 2015 and we are looking for people with Google+ Membership to be a part of our new show call Dred TV G+ Table. You must be a Google+ Member and have access to Google + Hang Out On Air, all that is free so don't wait any longer Join Google+ now and be a part of Dred TV G+ Table which Streams LIVE on Youtube

Dred TV G+ Table is a show about topic's in the news and the show give you the opportunity to give your opinion on the topics by join the show via G+ Hangout On Air, email or chats

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The New Monday Night War WWE Monday Night Raw vs NFL Monday Night Football

Is there a new Monday Night War coming with NFL Football coming to Monday nights, that is a Question I am asking my self right now, and what chance does the WWE have when the NFL goes head to head with Raw on Monday night. I really think it might be one hell of a battle but, my big question is who would win for the battle of the ratings. it is a tough one because WWE Raw has had some of the highest Rating recent weeks but then again NFL I think is more popular than Wrestling but that is just my opinion whats your thought leave your comment below.

 Monday Night Football Schedule

Sunday, August 24, 2014

UPDATE: Parts of the US Still with out Internet and rumors of a Possible DNS Hacking

downdetector.com is still getting reports of Charter Internet out in parts of the county such as St. Louis MO. Saginaw MI. Madison WI. and More. There are now rumors going across the internet that it was a DNS Hacking, some reporting they changed their DNS Settings to Google’s public DNS IP addresses and there internet works fine. Other rumors suggesting it was a ISIS DNS Hacking, but yet Charter still has not given an explanation.

UPDATE: A statement was recently released from charter but no word yet on the cause.
via Facebook
"Our teams report services have been restored following an Internet outage that affected multiple markets across our operating area on Saturday, August 23. Our technical teams are monitoring the network closely and continue to investigate the cause of the issue. Thank you for your patience. If you continue to experience issues, please call our 24/7 support team at 888-438-2427.."
downdetector.com outage map

Thursday, February 20, 2014

McDonald’s worker allegedly fired for buying firefighters’ meal


McDonald’s worker allegedly fired for buying firefighters’ meal

"I did say this is 'freaking' ridiculous, but it was not implied to anybody," she told the Olean Times Herald. Tom Meyers, who owns the Olean McDonald's, said he is an "ardent supporter" of first responders, but he has refused to specify why Levia lost her job.